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Hello all,

Today (Feb 01, 2013) I started Logic Pro 9.1.8 after a couple of days off. An automatic update began and downloaded 2 GB of "content and feature updates". I let that run its course and came back an hour later. Logic had not restarted as I thought it would so I started it manually. It reloaded my previous project...and now it can't find the Ultrabeat samples I had been using. It also cannot find the GM "Grand Piano.exs" file.


What's more, I searched for one of the drum samples by name using Spotlight, and it is apparently no longer in my Macbook at all. (I checked the spelling to be sure.)


To be fair, another (related?) problem happened between restarting Logic and it losing track of the samples: I had a beta version of a plug-in synth installed (but not running) for which I do not have the authorization code (so it can only run in Demo mode). Logic rescanned the AU devices after detecting this synth and crashed. (I wish I had captured the error messages, but I think they were related to the synth as they referred to a directory on some unknown person's computer.)


There is no uninstall utility for that synth, so I discarded the synth application so Logic wouldn't look for it. However there may be residual traces on my system to clean up.


That said, though, why are those samples no longer on my Macbook?


Has anyone else had a problem with this most recent update of Logic files?

Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Update: after numerous restarts of Logic and the Macbook I decided to try Logic's "Download Additional Content" feature in the Logic Pro menu. I selected "Logic Pro & Mainstage Additional Content" hoping the missing samples and instrument had inadvertently been moved into those files by Apple.


    That may or may not have been the case, but now after having installed that content and restarted Logic the missing files are apparently no longer missing. I still need to rescan AU devices to get rid of that synth plug-in, but the main problem appears to have been solved.


    Thanks for looking! I hope this record of my experiences with this issue will help someone else in the future.

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    To complete both halves of this post, in order to remove an offending AU plug-in (or disable it), see this article: