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If you're reading this and you haven't purchased an Airport Express yet.... Don't.


I've been one of the most loyal Apple devotees for the last 15 years but have had enough. There was a time when Apple products were faultless - they always did what they were supposed to do.


Airport Express is the latest shambles to damage Apples brand even further. What is the point of making a device to stream my myriad of other Apple devices if it continually drops out? And seems there is no remedy which is evidenced by others frustrations on various blogs. TOTAL waste of money.


Apple would do well to make less products and make sure that they actually worked rather than an increasing number of products that don't eg iphone5, Airport Express.

Airport Express
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    I have purchased several of them. Unlike the cheaper routers I've tried, none have ever failed. Countless thousands of them have been working flawlessly for others all over the world for years.


    Wireless networking is subject to a number of environmental variables that can preclude success no matter what product you use.


    If you believe yours is faulty return it. You have 14 days from the purchase date for a complete refund.


    Everyone I know with an iPhone 5 loves it too. I can only guess those who didn't returned theirs for a complete refund.

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    My Express "actually works". Surprising. No company is *immune* to dud units, but you are welcome to pick up a £25 Belkin router and come back when it fails within 6 months. Trust me, there are much worse routers on the market. Also, what makes you say the iPhone 5 doesn't work?

    I also possess an Express from 2004 and it still works today at faster speeds than my 802.11n Belkin (which refuses to route traffic after about an hour).