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I put my MBP 15" on my dresser to charge. I turned around and my foot caught the charger cord, causing the MBP to fall. It didn't rip out like it was supposed to. The dent is on the back left corner, moustly on the screen part. I still have my warranty, so would I be able to fix it? Its only 6 months old at most. It works fine, its just that its gonna scrape it near the speaker.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Its still on its warranty.
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    Accidental damage isn't covered by AppleCare - but you could certainly take the machine in and have the techs run diagnostics to make certain that all the hardware is intact. And you can pay to have the 'dented' casing replaced... it's just not going to be covered under warranty.



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    Thanks, Clinton! Would you happen to know what the cost would be? Its just the screen's casing the other part isnt dented so bad.

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    That repair could be expensive from Apple.. you certainly can visit the Apple Store Genius and ask.. however, best bet is to go to an aftermarket dealer for that repair.


    I checked ifixit.com and they don't have a part for your display enclosure (that's odd).. a lower body case enclosure would be about $300US but you would have to install it yourself.