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Hi, this will be my first time to buy a macbook that's why I'm not sure how it really goes. I am planning to buy a 13" MBA with Core i7 and 8GB RAM upgrades when I go to Hongkong this March. Can I buy it off the shelf? or do I need to order it first and have to wait for few days?


Hope to get our response. Thank you!

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    short answer - you will have to customise it online


    they sometimes have popular upgraded models in stock but less common configurations are usually online only. with the model you said i would say theres a slim chance of getting one off the shelf. it would also depend on the store (e.g. the big one in new york probably has all models in stock whereas some small store in a shopping center in texas somewhere probably only has a couple)


    one more thing - if you researched it already then just ignore this but i'm not sure if you can do the order & collect in hong kong or if its for US only, apple like to give the yanks lots of nice treatment then taunt the rest of us with them