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Hello! I've got a huge problem with my iPhone 4S 64GB. I bought it few days ago in Poland on craigslist. Now I'm trying to activate it but it doesn't work. I've got signal bars, 3G info and I can even synchronize it with iTunes (music etc.), however there's no way to activate it. I tried with iTunes, Wifi and Cellular data. I get always the same error, that "this iPhone could not be recognized and activated. Please contact Apple Support". After that, I've checked my serial number and I got info:


"Our records indicate that this product has been replaced. Please provide the serial number for your replacement product to find the support and warranty coverage information. For more information, please contact us."


Please help me, I paid 400$ and now I'm really dissapointed, I can't use my phone.. Here's iTunes print screen:


Best regards!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1
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    Hate to say it, but it looks like you have been sold a unit destined to go back to Apple, or more likely that has been stolen and has been sold on to you, but the original owner got a new one so this unit has been replaced. Unless you can get hold of the person who you paid the cash to I would contact the police. You may have to wave that cash goodbye. Sorry. Buying second hand is always a risk, but at least on ebay or Amazon you are protected by your Credit card and the sites rules. I am in the UK so have no idea how craigslist works but it seems you were conned.

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    Thank You. So there's no way to get it activated? Contacting Apple Support and asking them to activate it won't help? I have no chance to contact this guy, who sold it to me (probably he changed his phone number). It seems that I was really conned.