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Yes, 12 hours, on a computer that otherwise has a very fast internet connection. And when I connected my iPad this morning and was invited to download iOS 6 for that, I was told it was going to take 7 hours. Knowing as I do that the estimates given by Apple are always ludicrously optimistic I bailed out and will soldier on with iOS 5 rather than have the iPad tied up for at least half a day.

This is not just an iOS 6 issue. The same thing has happened with every software update I've downloaded. I've been a loyal Mac user for 20 years but my faith is regularly being shaken these days to the point where I can actually contemplate jumping ship to Android.

Incidentally, when I was asked to name a category for this post there was no option to choose iOS simply as software. Why, when every desktop software release is listed, is iOS 5 or iOS 6 not listed except in relation to other apps/packages? Sometimes I despair.

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    i feel your frustration, but in truth at least the updates are less often than Microsofts. i hate it when i need some info my machine is running like the hard drive is made of syrup, then wants to restart. last time i had over 50 updates and took over an hour to sort itself out ;(.


    Not sure why you have this problem so regularly, only to sayApple servers will be far more busy when pumping these updates out, given the enormous user base, all i can say is both my ip4s and my ipad2 took Around 15 minutes each to instal 6.01, but may have downloaded it in the background overnight.


    you say you have a fast connection but have actually you run 'speedtest' to see if your getting near for what you pay for? i'm on BTInfinity allegedly 'superfast' broadband, i pay for 40 megs but feel lucky to get 20 megs.