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I have a circa-2003 Sony rear-projection TV.  When I connect my third-generation AppleTV (1080-capable version, model #A1427) me to it, through its DVI port, via an HDMI to DVI converter, I find that the highest resolution I can select on the AppleTV, seems to be 720P. 


Do any of you know a way to get the AppleTV to do 1080i?  My TV can't do 1080p.

AppleTV 2, iOS 5.1, 1080
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    No, the Apple TV outputs 1080p or 720p only.

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    When I set my apple tv to 1080p my television went blank. How can I reset the apple tv back to auto or 720 that was working before. I rebooted it using the remote but it is still using the 1080p setting. Is there a way to reboot the apple tv using the remote so that it goes to an acceptable video setting that my television can read?

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    There is probably a better way, but if all else fails, you could take it to a nearby Apple Store, hook it up to one of their 1080p-capable monitors, and then switch the resolution down to 720p.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I was able to resolve the problem by connecting a micro-USB cable to my Apple TV and then plugging it into a USB input on my computer. When I opened iTunes it allowed me to reset my Apple TV to factory defaults. It also updated the firmware to the current one.