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What does this round "hollow" movie icon means?



The problem


The movie, which according to iTunes is present on the iPad, does not show on the Videos app on the iPad.



The backgound

I bouhgt a movie ("Amazonia") for my daughter on an iPad that did not sync its movies with iTunes.

I synced the iPad to add a few more movies from iTunes.

The new movies synced fine, "Amazonia" got transfered to my iTunes and got removed from the iPad.

I tried to move the movie back, and according to iTunes it is present in the iPad, but with a strange hollow icon besides it.

"Amazonia" cannot be seen in the Videos app on the iPad.





Even though I bought the movie, the store would allow me to buy it again. Why?




Thank you community!

Shame on apple: Why not give me hover-tip on the icon, to tell me why it is hollow?

iPad, iOS 6.0.2