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had a fire that destroyed our home roughly a month ago. my mac pro (running lion) was destroyed, among other things.


thankfully, i had a time machine hdd in my bag in my truck, and thought i would be able to rebuild from it. no such luck. apparently, either the hdd has some problems, or maybe there are some corrupt files... i dont know. i bought a new imac (not about to buy a mac pro until the update) for now, and restoring left the machine unusable. so i tried doing a fresh install, and migrating. better, but not stable. i would constantly freeze up... apps would crash, etc.


i can view all of the files sitting on the drive, so after a week of attempting, and a desperate need to get my life moving again, i decided to just rebuild by hand. for most items, this has worked perfectly... other things, not so much.


at the moment, i am in desperate need to figure out a way to restore my usernames/passwords that were saved in safari (and or keychain). if it were a few... even a few hundred.. id just suck it up and deal with resetting or guessing my way through (my passwords are all fairly complex). but i literally have thousands. all of mine, plus my wifes, all of my clients logins to web apps... registrars... etc.



is there ANYWHERE i can get these file out of the filesystem? even if its a db i have to manually copy/paste from... anything will be better than the weeks/months it will take me to do it all by hand.

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    The passwords are in the keychain files. Triple-click the line below to select it:


    Right-click or control-click the highlighted line and select

    Services Reveal

    from the contextual menu. A Finder window should open with an item selected. The contents of that folder are the keychains.

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    For the time being, turn off Time Machine on your new iMac while you do the following.


    Connect that external drive with your Time Machine backup to your iMac. It will mount to the desktop.


    In the Backups.backupdb folder, open the folder that bears your Mac Pro machine name. Open the date-stamped folder closest to the day of the fire, and open the Macintosh HD folder. You want to navigate to the following relative locations further down into this drive:






    Rename these two folders on your iMac in respective login accounts, and then drag and drop the above folders from their respective Time Machine locations to your new iMac. Test it with just your account first. Assumption: User names and user ID are same on new iMac, otherwise ownership issues will appear as red circles with a white bar on the folders.


    Don't forget to turn Time Machine back on and resume backups. You may want to use a new USB3 external drive with that new iMac such as the 1TB or larger Western Digital Passport for Mac WDBGCH0010BSL-NESN model. It is already Mac formatted and Time Machine compatible for $99. Bestbuy (US) has it.