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Hi, I just bougt an iPhone 5 and I gave away the 4 I had.  The person has a Nokia 5130c-2; so I need to know if it is possible to transfer the contacts from the nokia to the iPhone 4, and how to do it.

If this is not possible how do transfer the contacts from the iPhone 5 to the 4.  thanks !!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1, Mine is an iPone 5
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    To transfer contacts from the Nokia to the iPhone you need to first sync the Nokia with an app on a computer, then sync the iPhone to the same app. Alternatively, if the Nokia contacts are stored on its SIM you can temporarily put the SIM in the 4 and use the Import Contacts from SIM in the Settings app.


    Yet another option is to have the carrier copy the contacts from the Nokia SIM to a thumb drive, then import into an address book app on the computer.

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    Thanks a lot,  I have beeing trying to sync the Nokia t my pc but, I' not able to do it yet.  I will try your options ¡¡¡¡  thanks a lot.