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I have a very old iPod 120 GB that on occassion I used with a connection kit to transfer and store RAW camera files when traveling.  This iPod has seemed to die - it will not take a charge and will not operate when plugged into the charger.  Will the current iPod Classic function as a RAW file storage drive?  If so, is it practical?  Thanks!

  • leroyjenkinr Level 1 (5 points)

    as for being able to view it on the ipod. i do not believe so. as for on the drive itself. yes. go on itunes and make sure you have the settings so you can use it as a hard drive

  • bobio Level 2 (310 points)

    Thanks.  After doing some more research I have found that, as you point out, it "may" work, but Apple is no longer supporting this function, nor are they providing RAW file upates for this iPod as new cameras come on the market.  So, it would be chancey at best.