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Hey, so I hope someone can help me out with this.


My computer had become really slow and I get the SWOD on almost everything I try and do. It take ages to respond to simple clicks like clicking on the dock or openeing a browser or even typing in a text box.


So far:

I've gotten MacKeeper, cleaned the cashe, removed excess binaries, and scanned for a virus. I've repaired both the disk permissions and even gone through Recovery mode to repair the disk. The hard drive is new and still has a large amount of space remaining on it. I have 4 gb of Ram. I have the FreeMemory App. I have also made a 10 GB partition on my external hard drive and installed the Rcovery program there as well in case it doesnt work/cant work like normal internally.


I have become so concerned that I am contemplating reinstalling OSX and began the process.



I am currently listed in the UK apple store BUT now live in the USA and cant switch it over. My OXS was also bought in the UK so I cant just switch to USA and download a new one. I have to stay in the UK store to use that 'version'.



I have tried opening in Recover mode twice and chosen the option to download OSX anew and figure I was going to restore the user profile after; BUT I have tried doing that twice, and each time it takes the 1.5 hrs to download the software and then restarts the computer and I cant find the application/dmg/icon to actually do it. It's like it never did it to begin with?!



What do I do to resolve these questions? What can I do about the ever-increasing lag and SWODs and the inability to restart and wipe the computer clean and try and start fresh? Should I even try doing that? So Confused. HELP!



PS - This computer is HEAVY and taking it to an physical apple store is a pain! so anything i can do now or to assess before hand i need to try.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)