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I'm currently having trouble with My 24"  Imac purchased in 2009 running OS10.5.


The issue started with disk being to slow, impossible for example to redcord on garageband  I get the error "disk is too slow".

I've runned all possible system check (hard drive/memory, etc..) and anti virus and haven't found anything.

I stopped time machine: still the same


the issue I get now numerous:

Quite often, it is Impossible to start unless I power off and unplugg for and hour (grey screen with apple or ? appearing.

Coloured circle appearling randomly and computer gets locked.


Now when I try to install the system again, when I'm asked "which drive I want to install the Os, the only thing I see is the external hard drive..


Is the only possible cause a hardware failure?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)