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I'm facing an issue which may be related to my location.

I'm located in Switzerland, but I'm a french speaker.

It seems that there is a setting in iCloud which makes me receiving emails in German.

Switzerland has three different languages (officially even 4), and maybe Apple has just made German as a default language for the country.

So, the welcome email from iCloud, and emails received when I use "Find my iPhone" are in German.

On the iCloud website, everything is in French, except my Calendar names which are also displayed in German.


Are they other Swiss people facing the same issue?


If yes, could Apple escalate that issue to development people to fix this?


I've called the support, but unfortunately, they told me to reset my iOS device and to set up the language again on the device, which of course has no effect.


Thank you in advance,



iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3
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    Same problem here, only I'm located in Belgium Flemish part and the message/notifications from icloud.com keep coming in in German.

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    I saw that your question hasn't been answered yet -- here's a solution (in case you haven't found one already)


    Go to:

    Apple - My Apple ID




    Sign in with your Apple ID and on the left hand column the last item is "Language and Contact Preferences"


    You'll be able to change your "Preferred Language" there. As soon as you begin typing the choices will apear.


    I hope this helps.

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    The settings are already in French.

    Some communications are received in French, some others in German.

    According to a recent interview on radio, it seems that Apple can only have one main language per country, and as German is the most representated, they have chosen this one.

    Thank you Apple !