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I used to think I was smart. Since the day iTunes 11 came out I have been trying to master Up Next and Play Next and Add to Next, etc. Here's what I want to do:


I would like to be able to have an Album open that shows all the available tracks. I would like to highlight several of them - the Movements of a Symphony, say, and then with a click have that selection be what plays next. Or right away if there's no prior list. Every time I try I seem to get the entire Album list starting with my first highlighted selection. That is, many more than I have selected.


What seems logical to me is to make the selection and then right click inside the highlighted area and choose Play Next. But that does not limit to the selected items. How do you do it?

OS X Mountain Lion
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    If i select multile tracks from an album holding down the Cmd button while you click to select tracks. Then rather than using the grey arrow to add to next, I right click on the tracks and select Add to up next. Then it should just put the selected tracks in the Up Next.


    Or i can just drag the tracks upto the up next in the play window

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    Eddie Strauss Level 3 Level 3 (990 points)

    Well that time it worked as you say. I must be doing something inconsistent though. The first time I tried after your post I got the first track of my selection. Twice.


    I think a lot of my confusion has to do with a previous list that's there and that hard to understand dialogue asking of you want to Play or eliminate and Play which somehow never does what I think it's going to. Also Add To and Play Next are inconsistent enough for me to be undependable. That is, unless I just haven't grasped it yet.


    Thank you for the reply. No confusion for you at all?

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    Steve Taylor1 Level 5 Level 5 (4,660 points)

    I admit i clear the list first and then add my music. If I want to add a whole Album or playlist the Action button by the side of the name works fine. If I just want to do various tracks I drag and drop them onto the icon.


    If I want to do tracks from multiple albums I use the Songs view , Select the albums i want in the Column browser then select the tracks I want and drag them to the up next button.


    A lot of the time I will create a playlist instead and just play the playlist then I always have it..


    There are usually many ways to do things on a computer some are good and some not so good. It is whatever you are most comfortable with that matters. If you find up Next a bit unpredictable stick with playlists they work just fine and you can sync them to your device

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    Eddie Strauss Level 3 Level 3 (990 points)

    Thanks. I like the idea of clearing the Up Next list first. It usually has far more things in it that I ever planned.

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    Steve Taylor1 Level 5 Level 5 (4,660 points)

    I hope it has made it more predictable for you

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    Eddie Strauss Level 3 Level 3 (990 points)

    Last night I clicked to open an album listing of something classical. I selected one work which was 3 tracks by highlighting those tracks with the shift key, first to last. *I made sure to clear the list above*.


    I used your method and dragged the collected tracks to the top of the iTunes window. Dutifully the playlist icon at the right glowed blue. I checked and saw there were 3 tracks listed. Only.


    Since my hand was on the mouse I moved to the left to the large arrow to play the list. What happened next was a dialogue telling me I was about to start playback and did I want to "clear the 3 songs previously added to the list?". Why would I want to do that? I had just added them to an empty list. So I clicked the left tab "Play Song". So the first track of the still highlited group began to play. But when I checked the pull-down the 3 tracks I dragged up there were still in line. So the first track would play twice! as happened yesterday.


    I started again from scratch. I dragged the highlited tracks up and this time the dialogue appeared and I would click the right button. It said "Clear Songs". Why on earth would I want to do that? I clicked it and the tracks began to play. WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE? This is insane.


    As I kept playing around to see what happens I would clear the list and drag again. Either the tracks would play right away with no dialogue choices or the play list would get longer and longer even though I clicked Clear before each try. I just don't get it. Even if I am doing something wrong here, what sense does it make to have to choose to clear the songs you have just put up into the list in order to play them?


    I stick with the title of this thread.

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    In previous iTunes I made use of Groupings. I would assign each work that consists of multiple tracks the same group as the name of the piece. Then I'd just select it and play.


    You can still do that in Songs view but there is no album artwork and I have no idea what I'm selecting. At least not quickly. There's a lot of music and I have multiple versions of the same work. And Songs view - the one that kind of duplicates that older list view - is magnitudes slower than the original was.


    I think my only option is to drag the tracks from Album View to their own playlist and then play it. More steps, more time, more clicks. But perhaps more predictable.

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    Eddie Strauss Level 3 Level 3 (990 points)

    Ok. Please explain again.


    I started fresh. I opened an Album listing and chose the first four songs by highlighting them all and then dragged to the top. Only those 4 songs were in the dropdown Up Next list. I right clicked the top one and was given the opportunity to confirm "Play Next" which I chose anyway just to be sure. The four songs were listed in order.


    There was no way to start playback of those songs that I could find other then moving left to the play arrow. So I clicked it. Immediately I got the dialogue telling me I was about to play songs but there were already songs in a list and did I want to clear them. Well why would I want to clear them? I just put them there emphatically.


    At first I clicked Play and as I said before, the first song began but in the list were the same four I put there so the first one was at the top and would have played again. Twice.


    So I retraced my steps and this time after the dialogue chose Clear Songs. It was the highlited option anyway. The first song played. But the dropdown list now contained every song on the album. To **** with the four songs I chose originally and carefully placed up in the queue.


    As I said, I really don't get it. Please explain. What paradigm do I not understand. I'm smart, really. But not here.

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    Oh my god. I just figured out how to play the first song in a desired list of music that you have placed up in the "Up Next" section. It took from the first iTunes 11 day until this one. You double click the top song. THAT's how you can start the list you have planned without having to scratch your head with a dialogue that asks if you want to remove the songs you just placed there in order to play them.


    I have never seen an application where a double click wasn't really a shortcut for something else. But here I have not found a way to start playing. Clicking the large Play arrow gives you that astoundingly confusing dialogue. Pressing return does nothing. Even click hold select "Play..." from a right click changes the list.


    Again I ask if I am doing something wrong. But this thread seems to have stopped.