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I have used various mp3 players with my windows player succesfully for many years. But for Xmas I was given an ipod nano 7th generation because I wanted to use blue tooth headphones.


However I find itunes/the device impossible to use and the manual does not cover what I want to know nor does the latest itunes for dummies book I have bought.


I DO NOT WANT to sync all my music to the device (I have considerably more that 16 gig) so I have chosen the manually insert mode. On set up I managed to synch some music and the device/bluetooth facilty work fine.


Now all I want to know is how to re-move and add cd's to the device one at a time? This must be possible surely but is not covered in the manuals.


I have now had the device over a month and still cannot figure out how to do this.


Itunes is the most unfathomable programme I think I have ever come accross.

iPod nano, Windows 7
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    Before syncing, click on the box that says "Sync only checked songs and videos" and check the songs you want to add to your nano. As for getting CDs, iTunes will rip the music from the CD. Just check the songs you want to rip and iTunes will start ripping. iTunes will convert the music format compatible for the iPod. (AAC, MP3, M4R, etc....) and any song with the bitrate 128kbps is considered Hi-Def Music (AAC format only) and song more than than 160kbps is considered Hi-Def.

    Adding music and other content to iTunes from CD

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    Michael, thank you for taking the trouble to reply.


    Yep I can do that, with itunes on the screen putting a new cd in the drives gets a prompt that invites me to add the cd to itunes. Okay so far worked that out fairly early.




    The question I asked was how do I now get then get that ONE cd onto my nano.....I do not want to sych everything just that one cd?




    If I subsequently decide that I want to delete that (or any other) ONE cd from the nano to make room for another....how do I do that?

    .....................In windows media player for instance you can select an option to display only the contents of the mp3 player, then you simply highlight the cd you want delete and delete it....poof by magic it disapears from the device freeing up space.....but the cd remains in windows media player...............Whereas in itunes if you select ....my ipod on the tool bar instead of simply getting a list of what is on that device....you get instead a list of everything that is in itunes.........and if you delete an item it goes from the itunes library but still stays on the nano itself...............crazy


    Itunes seems to me to be totally illogical.