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I would have strong ATT 4G LTE signal on my iPhone 5 and I cannot make or recieve any calls. I try to make calls and i get "CALL FAILED" constantly. I notice the indicator switching from LTE to NOTHING. It usually changes to 4G but in certain places it doesn't. It fails to connect to 4G(basically 3G), so I can't make or recieve calls in those places while my dads flip phone with ATT 3G works perfectly.


iPhone 5
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    Have you tried calling ATT to see if they can help?

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    This is an iPhone5 issue. I wish that Apple would step up to the plate and address this problem. Trust me, I was 100% certain that this was an ATT issue, but the overwhelming evidence points to iphone5. I get call failed messages daily on my iPhone5, even with full reception indicated on the phone. As soon as I pick up my wife's Nexus, the call goes right through... we are on the same ATT plan. I started with ATT, and they ran multiple tests, called me back after testing singnals all over my area, and they said that this is 100% not an att issue and I believe them. If this was an att issue, the my wife's phone wouldn't work either. This issue is being reported on many forums without a single response from Apple. Its very un-apple like to ignore an obvious product issue with the iPhone5.  #dissapointed #phoneless