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I just bought a brand spanking new 27" imac, I7, 3TB internal drive, etc  etc.   I put it on the same wired connections (net work switch) as my  existing 27" imac I7.  both are running mtn lion.   I started up migration assistant and told the old computer to transfer data to the new computer.  I've started and restarted this 4 times.  and i'm getting pretty annoyed.   After hours and hours of this (so far, today i've waited 8 hrs), it says "about 3 hrs and 26 min remaining..."  it's said that for HOURS.


I have about 750GB of data to transfer... it did the same ol' MA stuff - starts out at 2 hrs, then 1.5 hrs, then 2.5 hrs and on up.. and eventually locks up.. or so it seeems to me.


I tried using a thunderbolt cable between the two machines (have to use a thunderbolt - firewire800 adapter on the older machine) and it can't find the machines - i'm not about to try this wireless or i imagine i'll spend the rest of my life doing this.


I'm pretty good at mac stuff, but this has me stumped and more than just a whole lot irritated.  Before I reboot both machines (again) and do the whole danged thing manually (was trying to avoid this), does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


I gotta say - i'm not too impressed with this stupid assistant.   i've been at this for days.



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