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When I submit my podcast RSS feed info into iTunes I am told that "we are having diffuculty downloading the episodes from your feed". I have seen this anwered for other poeple with the same issue, but I am using SquareSpace to host my podcasts and I didn't find the previous answers useful in solving my problem. So the RSS feed that I am using to submit my podcast to iTunes is:




I have gone through all of the steps in both iTunes and SquareSpace, but I still receive the "We had difficulty downloading episodes from your feed".

I can manually subscribe to the podcast through the advanced settings in iTunes (which was also done by tech support at squarespace as well to make sure there was nothing wrong with the url).

I used the feed validator through feedvalidator.org and the rss feed was shown to be a good and active feed.

Does anyone know what I can do? SquareSpace techs can't seem to find out what the issue is. They say everything is in working order on their end. And the iTunes tech guy I was emailing with dirrected me to this forum for help. So I hope somebody knows what I can do to correct this.



iOS 6.1
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    Although the feed is very messy (there is a massive amount of garbage in the 'description' tag but iTunes does not read this) I can confirm that it can be subscribed to, and that the file itself seems to be OK: it plays normally in Safari.


    So I can't really offer any solution. We have had cases where the iTunes Store had difficulties with a file which was OK everywhere else, and one can only guess that in these cases the server is not reacting well to a request specifically from the iTunes Store. I've seen no explanation why this should be apart from a couple of specific cases which don't apply here.

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    Thanks Roger, I appreciate the response.


    So, I'm lost now at what direction I should go to get this to work. You usually have the answers for the previous posts, so if you can't answer it, I definitely don't know what to do.


    Is there anyone else you would recommend talking to about this issue?


    It just seems so weird that everything is in order, yet I still can't submit my podcast to iTunes.


    Also, I will work on cleaning out the garbage from my description tag. If you have any useful suggestions for that as well, I'm all ears.



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    There is a whole lot of extraneous material in the feed: I'm not familiar with SquareSpace so I don't know the procedure, but I assume you've started as a weblog page with a lot of text and images and the feed has been taken from that. It's probably harmless as iTunes should simply ignore it, though it does make the feed very difficult to read.


    The matter of the media file is more difficult. I'm afraid the simple answer is something you don't want to hear - give up on SquareSpace and go somewhere else. If you host your files on a normal webspace server - with only the caveat that it must support 'byte-range requests' which is mandatory, so you need to ask about this before committing yourself - you shouldn't have any trouble. Some of these weblog creation services can cause problems, though I don't know of any specific issue with SquareSpace.