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Since this last update (and, no, I did not unplug or interrupt my update in any way):


1.  My remote--whose batteries I've checked--no longer works.  The signal light on the apple t.v. box blinks, but won't respond on screeen.  Yes, I've tried repairing my remote by holding down the "menu" and "rewind" button for at least six seconds.


2.  The home screen with the "top movies" across the top either does not load or only partially loads.  In place are grayed out ticket icons.


3.  The home screen will stay up for a minute or so and then switches to a reload (spinning circle) screen for about two minutes. 


4.  I have tried re-setting my box by unplugging it for at least 30 seconds. 


5.  When I try to play through my apple t.v. via airplay, the error message is: "Problem connecting to the air play device Apple T.V. error -15000"


6.  All of these items were working fine prior to the update


7.  My wireless is working fine. 

Apple TV (3rd generation)