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I send my Final Cut Project to Compressor for Blue Ray it tells me job will take 23 hrs to compress gets down to 43 min. Remaining and the counter starts going up and the job never completes. What the f**k gives?

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    Suggest you review several of the recent months posts for "compressor slow" etc, etc.. As for these event and situations there are many culprits that exasperate these apparent slow downs. These are mainly resources diminished (usual CPU, memory, io blah blah, current workload), your particular workflow  and the main one is settings used by the batch job.


    FCPX's transparent workflow may come at a price in that FCPX performs a deal of set up work to simply prepare a transient master to pass to compressor.appwhen you send to compressor. As mentioned many many many times in this Nd other forums on the matter, this direct send to compressor will not utilise any clusters. It DOES seem to utilise grand central dispatch to utilise as many cores in your host on the "this computer" ....  Most people don't have an appreciation of this and see the "pre flight" overhead of FCPX as compressor.app locking up.


    Also FOR PROBLEM REOLUTION PURPOSES (atest) just use a simple h.264 default apple compressor.app setting for your new distribution to see if your transcode will run to completion I. A timely mode. One common issue is that FRAME CONTROLS may be enabled on the transcode.. Disable this in the inspector just for A test .. Enable if u really need it later. (Read the doc first or search this forum)


    Heres what you could try to see if you make progress. Note this is merely to help u isolate your problem...


    Recently another poster made a similar comment in post..




    There are many similar posts and other suggestions on these forums.. Worth a search.  :)


    Amongst other, I posted a suggestion relating to the workflow. Suggest you review this post and my contribution also (3rd post down) and also review many others on this forum.


    Simply, to help isolate your issue from the resources to see if its your work flow,

    Step 1: in FCPX make sure all your storylines in the project are completely rendered first. This will isolate that it's nots the FCPX msprorender tasks complete ring the final preparation in FCPX ..

    Step 2: make a master and share export it

    Step 3: add to compressor and submit to your cluster.


    Basically this should work in a timely manner unless you have some exotic settings in the transcode that may be set by



    Just see if you make any progress with this and forum readers may help you follow up.


    Post your results for others to see.


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    What computer are you using, specs?