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my iphone 4 is completely dead, it was thrown against a tile fireplace and the entire screen and back glass were shattered, i tried to plug in my iphone to itunes to back it up at first itunes did read it, but it said that the phone was in recovery mode and to restore it, obviously to not lose all my info mainly 4000+ pictures i declined, after several attempts i decided to download a recovery software to atleast get my pictures off, but now when i plug in the phone my computer or itunes do not read it, i cant tell if the phone is on, but i couldnt do that before either, i think its completely dead now...what im hoping is to find out if the memory board is still accessible, if there is a chance that apple people can remove the memory board and connect it to something that will pull out the data...has anyone had this experience and what were the options...im really hoping there are at this point

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1