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Hello, I attempted to move an Aperture library to an external Hard drive per a post I found that said copy and paste into a new location and reset Aperture to find my photos there.  I have since found that this was in error.  I NEED to restore my library, move it to an external harddrive, since I am unable to load anymore photos, and consolidate the photos I do have in the new location.  Any help would be appreciated in this endeavor.  I have 47,000 files I need to recover.


Thank you all.

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    If you tried to copy the library to an external drive and it didn't work the original library will still be where it was when you started. Copying does not destroy the original.


    What about the procedure of copying the library to the external didnt work?

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    Thomas Emmerich Level 4 Level 4 (3,485 points)

    Some points to keep in mind when copying an Aperture library to an external drive:


    1. The drive should be formatted as MacOS Extended. If it is formatted for Windows (FAT32) you will have trouble.


    2. If multiple users open the library on the external drive (not simultaneously of course), you will get permissions issues. If you need to do this, set the Ignore Ownership flag in the Get Info dialog for the drive.