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how to authorize

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    Authorization and Deauthorization


    See iTunes Store- About authorization and deauthorization for Macs.


    See How to Authorize or Deauthorize iTunes | PCWorld for Windows.


    In iTunes you use the Authorize This Computer or De-authorize This Computer option under the Store menu in iTunes' menubar. For Windows use the ALT-S keys to access it.


    iTunes Store Menu.png


    More On De-authorizing Computers (contributed by user John Galt)


    You can de-authorize individual computers, but only by using those computers. The only other option is to "de-authorize all" from your iTunes account.


      1. Open iTunes on a computer

      2. From the Store menu, select "View my Account..."

      3. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.

      4. Under "Computer Authorizations" select "De-authorize All".

      5. Authorize each computer you still have, as you may require.


    You may only do this once per year.


    After you "de-authorize all" your authorized computers, re-authorize each one as required.


    If you have de-authorized all computers and need to do it again, but your year has not elapsed, then contact: Apple - Support - iTunes - Contact Us.

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    The one thing that a PC user must do with the latest verison of iTunes is to add the Menu Bar. There is a drop down box in the top left hard corner. Click show "Menu Bar". This will give you the "Store" option to click and deauthorizing/authorizing option can be seen.

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    OMG..thank you so much..I have been doing google searches for days to activate my comupter..pulling my hair out because i could not find the store and activate links...your response is the only place I have found that told me about the drop down box in the top left..thank you so much..default should have this menu option already showing. I was beginning to think I was really dumb....thank you!!

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    Thank-you!!! Did not see this on apple site at all!!

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    How do I authorize my new computer with Windows 7