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Dear community,


At home I do my personal things on an iMac, and I can't live without it. 27inch of full pleasure and working speed!

At work we use Windows PC's with AutoCad. Within AutoCad we use a special plug-in wich uses a .lic-file as a licence.

This licence is bound to the MAC-adres and Harddiskdrive-ID.


So I was wondering, If I install Windows via Bootcamp and the change the Harddisk-ID and Mac-adres within Windows, does it affect my MacOS partition?

If so, can it cause 'damage? Like in, applications on my MacOS partition stop working?


Really hope someone can help me with this question.


Kind regards,



BootCamp, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    no not unless one get find a shady very very very very very lowlevel hardware hack to cheat the wmi(Windows Management Instrumentation) which the program is likely using to make the license protection at least that what my comercial software use to make licenses unique


    but not any windows hack would never effect your osx partition it's 2 seperate worlds

    just like you could be infected with every trojan, virus and addware in the universe in windows and it would not affect osx

    not because osx is malware free but because malware is not cross platform if you get malware on osx it is malware made just! for osx

    it's not windows malware spilling over