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Since updating my iPhone 5 to iOS 6.1, I have NOT been able to sync my phone both through wifi or through a hard connection to my laptop.  Whenever I try, it gets to Step 7  - "Waiting for Changes to Be Applied" - but nothing happens.  I have songs on my phone that are greyed out and apps that are useless because they are frozen in an updating stage.


When I plug my phone into the computer, it connects for a short amount of time and then an error message pops up saying that the phone lost it's connection.


Is anyone else having this issue?  Are there any fixes to these problems? iOS 6.1 has seriously messed up my phone and iPad Mini (Newsstand won't work without a wifi connection anymore)!



iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    Same here. Mine doesn`t give any error, but it doesn`t do anything either. It gets step 7 - 5 whatever and everything is still the same.

    This morning I have downloaded some apps to transfer wirelessly, kinda works. Ex: I wasn`t able to sync photos as before, but now I can sync photos only to camera roll; but not to desired other albums (Canada, Texas albums etc) Jeeeeessssss

    After i updated my iphone, I lost all the apps that I had before. so I downloaded all of them from very beginning.

    Now; I am having same problem with you.

    Hopefully bitten apple will learn not to make people crazy angry. With PC life is easy. Seriously. I miss drag & drop.

    If you find sth, please post here to save people`s life and time


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    A lot of people have had the "no content" message in their Music (iPod) app on their iPhone and not been able to sync music after the ios 6.1 update.  I was going mad too ! What worked for me was changing the phone's language from English to French, going back into the Music app, coming back out of it, then changing the language back to English.  I also re downloaded an old song I'd purchased via the iTunes app (or you can just purchase a new song).  This last thing seemed to bring the Music app back to life whereas just changing the phones language from English to French then back to English didn't seem to do it by itself.  When I read this language glitch/solution online I was sceptical but it worked for me.  I hope it works for other people but my Music app is now functioning and I can sync music again.  It's certainly worth a go as a possible solution ! Good luck.