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Has anyone else had issues sine the latest update?

Apple TV
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    Welcome to the Apple Community.


    What sort of issues.

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    Mine is updating and has been for the past few hours.... it is only half way and I atually thought it was frozen.

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    Finally completed.... seems to be okay other than the hours it took

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    I'm having different issues.  Since I updated my ATV seems normal, but as soon as I click on "Movies" or "TV Shows" it shows it's thinking and then just returns back to the main menu.  I've tried unplugging the ATV and even restored it but no luck.  It shows the most recent movies on the menu so I know it's updating but for some reason won't let me go beyond the main menu.  Haven't been able to watch anything or access my NHL Game Center which is a big problem .  Any help would be appreciated.


    Also, when I try to connect to my music it says "ca't connect to the server at this time.  Please try later."

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    I have been running this version a few days now and I'm having the same problems that you are.  In addition my Airplay from my iphone and ipad are very choppy and seem to loose connection completely randomly.  Also, the spinning wheel comes up on the apple tv about every 10 minutes and it resets to the home screen no matter what I was doing.  Very annoying.  I would think Apple would debug this stuff before they release to us.  Tomorrow I'm going to look for a way to downgrade back to a version that worked reliably.

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    Since 5.2, getting freezing on movie playback. Not a problem previous version. Progress bar shows up, network is very good signal, and using "n" WiFi.