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Is that possible? As the G5 I have does not have intel. Does 10.5 require intel? or can it use a slower processor? My hard drive crashed due to a conflict from a browser upgrade. I got a new HD (had 10.4 before) and wondered if I could instal Leopard?



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    The hardware requirements for 10.5 are


    • Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5, or PowerPC G4 (867MHz or faster) processor
    • 512MB of memory
    • DVD drive for installation
    • 9GB of available disk space


    You should be able to install 10.5 on that Mac. You will need to find a Leopard install DVD which Apple no longer sells.



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    Someone posted as recently as Jan 20 that they were able to get Leopard from Apple by calling the phone-driven store at 1-800-MY-APPLE. Telling them someone gave you an iDevice seems to help them find it.


    You don't say where you are. As far as I know, the call-in option only works in N. America. Like the other Allan says, they may not have it but it's a free phone call and, it they have it, it will be much cheaper than most third-party sources. Older Apple full retail install diks are in high demand and many sources really gouge you on the price, often charging more than a PowerPC Mac is worth in some cases