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I had the original version of iPhoto,  that came with my MacBook Pro (Mac OS X 10.6.8). My software is up to date. This has been happening since our hard drive was repaired.  I had to reinstall the iphoto, but it still doesn't work.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    What version of iPhoto do you have installed on the computer? To check, go to your applications folder, and right click on the iPhoto application, and select "get info".  It will tell you the version.


    If you have accessed your Library using a computer that has a higher version, or just re-installed iPhoto, you may get this prompt.


    You likely have softare updates for the application.  Click on the apple in the top left, and select software updates.

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    I have iPhoto 09. I have no software updates

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    The latest version of iPhoto 09 is version 8.1.2. Verify that this is the version you have. 


    Did you connect a different computer to this one, then access your iPhoto??


    Your iPhoto Library is in your pictures folder.  We can tell what version the library is in the follow way.....


    - locate your iPhoto Library in the pictures folder - hold down your "control" key on the keyboard, and click once on the "iPhoto Library" and select "show package content".    This will show many folders. Locate the folder called “Albumdata.xml”.  Again, hold down you "control" key, and click on this file, then select "open with safari".


    iPhoto version.jpg

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    No I didn't connect or open with a different computer.  Yes it is the iPhoto version 8.1.2    I did all steps above, string is 9.2.3

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    If you see 9.2.3 in the string area, that means, that someone opened up your library, with iPhoto 11 version 9.2.3.  It would have then up-graded the library, to an iPhoto 11 Library.  This library is now only able to be opened by iPhoto 11. 


    You currently have iPhoto 09, and it will not be able to open that library.


    Did you ever upgrade to iPhoto 11 ?.  Did you purchase iPhoto from the App's store at any time ?

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    No I never purchased from app store, or downloaded.