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I'm so frustrated with Apple's support.  I'm trying to keep my temper in check as I write this.  I go online to try and find out, if the tip of a MacBook Air power adapter can be replaced.  They eventually become frayed because of the rubber compound they use doesn't hold up with accidential crimping.  The rubber splits.  We have five MacBooks in this house, none older than four year, two are about a year old, and two of the five became frayed after use, and are out of warranty.  (I'm not going to scam on Apple and say the old one is the new.)  We've also purchased additional power adapters so it's hard to say which are which but safe to say the frayed are older than a year.  Both are the newer L connector MagSafe 1.  I went to Apple support, and after a few questions, you first have to type in a serial number, so I guess which laptop and type in the number.  It then says "sorry you're out of warranty, do you want to spend $19.95 to get your question answered?"  I just want to know, yes or no, can it be fixed by Apple and what do they charge and they want to charge me just to ask the question.  How incredibly dumb to make a power adapter that doesn't have a chord you can just easily replace!  Does anyone here know the $19.95 answer?

MacBook Air (13-INCH, MID 2011)