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I'd like to supervise a single iPad 2 with the default settings, so I start Apple Configurator and leave everything on default.  I click the prepare button and see the iPad 2 show up in the "All connected devices will be updated" menu.  There's a checkmark next to it saying "1 of 1 devices prepared".  In the Prepare tab at the top it shows a +1 badge.  From this point on NOTHING HAPPENS.  How long do I need to wait until my iPad switches over to the Supervise tab with a +1 above it?


I've tried selecting iOS change to latest - nothing happens, I tried selecting iOS change to an .ipws file that I downloaded from iTunes and restored the iPad to factory settings - nothing happens.  I don't get any errors in the Console app when I turn on debugging for Apple Configurator.  What is supposed to happen next?

iPad 2, iOS 6.1