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I updated my itunes to the new setup and when i plug my ipod in (which i havent done in quite a while) nothing pops up on my computer saying its even connected.... Help?!?!?

iPod nano
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    Do one or more of the following:

    > Restart your PC/Mac OS

    > Uninstall and Reinstall iTunes

    > Reset your iDevice

    > Get Lastest iOS Update (depends on what generation)


    If you haven't check.... go to where you can see your hard drives (the place where you can access any USB flash drives, disc drives, hard drives.....) and see if your iDevice will show..... If it does..... go to iTunes


    If you have iTunes 10.7..... look at your left hand side (the side bar).....

    If you have iTunes 11..... look at the top right hand corner.....


    BTW..... im not a Mac user so I'm not sure if any of this helps.... I'm a Windows person.....


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