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I am using Metadata > Batch Change > to change version names to a custom name with a counter.  This works fine. Let's say I name a group Robins and use the custom name counter preset.  Further suppose I have 17 Robins. They come out Robin 01, Robin 02, ... Robin 17. Excellent, just what I want. No lets say the next batch of photos I want to name are Oystercatchers, and I have 3 of these.   Now, the trouble begins ... Aperture wants to start the counter at 18, not 1.  To start at 1, I have to go to edit, and reset the counter manually to 1.  This takes several clicks and text box entries.  Good old iPhoto would automatically restart at 1 - anyone no how to do this.  Apple Care is baffled.  Please do not tell me use your own preset. I have done this and deleted all the presets except my own tailor-made one.


And speaking of presets, I have another issue on this renaming procedure. Despite the fact I have only one preset, the default Version Name Format still shows Current Version Name in the drop down list, and even though I have only one preset, I still have to drop this down and select my preset.  Anyone know how to make a preset format name show rather than the default.


Much thanks for any assistance.

iPad, iOS 4.3.3
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    "Index" should do what you want (count starting at "1").  Of course, if you later want to add to your Oystercatcher series you'd be better served using "Counter" and (manually) setting it to start the count at one more than the current number of Oystercatcher pics.  Or you could save distinct Presets for Oystercatchers, Robins, etc.  The Preset will remember the last variable for "Custom Name" you used.  (And if you go that route, you probably do want to use "Counter" and not "Index" -- "Counter" remembers, as you know, the count.)


    There is no way to set the options for "Counter" in a Preset other than by editing the Preset.  Since the option for "Custom Name" can be set right on the Batch dialog, it seems an excellent idea to have the "Counter" options available there as well.  Tell Apple:  "Aperture➞Provide Aperture Feedback".


    I don't know how to change the default Naming Preset in the Batch dialog -- and I would suggest against doing so, only because it seems to be the kind of thing likely to lead to unwanted troubles with any upgrade to Aperture.


    What are you using the numbering of the Versions for?

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    As I wrote in the other post you can reset the counter to the starting value by clicking on the little curved arrow. This works in batch change also.


    Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 15.22.08 .png