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I had a new motherboard 2 years ago. I'd like to do an erase and reinstall of my hard drive. So I have 2 sets of discs, one set came with my laptop when I bought it new in 2006, one set was given to me when the new motherboard was fitter 2 years ago. I've just examinded the discs, both sets look exactly the same, but on the white envelopes  they are in the numbers are different, one number ends 2006 one ends 2009. Trouble is the new motherboard discs are in the packet ending 2006 which makes me think they have been put into the wrong packet! My question is, will it harm my motherboard or hard drive if I put the wrong discs in to erase my hard drive? Thanks for any help. I intend to get the discs reinstall done at the apple shop.