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Hi,  I have a new iMac.  Migrated everything to it from old.  New computer has previews of all photos from aperture.   All my masters on Aperture were referenced to external hard drive.  Problem is, external drive has different connections and won't work with the new iMac.  On the old computer, I relocated the masters to a new external drive (that has connections to new).  All works great on old computer, but new computer won't recognize the files on the new drive.  It still has them as on the old drive.  I went to Manage Referenced Files thinking I could tell it to use new drive however it does not give me the option to "reconnect", which is what I think needs to happen.  I have gone to pictures, selected ALL before doing this step.  Selected appropriate drives.  Not working. 


What is my next step?  Can I re-tether my two computers (with external drive connected that holds masters) and somehow get masters that way?  Could I try just throwing out Aperture on new computer and starting migration of Aperture all over?  I thought I could just move masters back to old computer and start from there, but old computer doesn't have enough space.   I don't even mind having all the masters back on new computer as it has the space.  I just need to have access to masters in order to email, edit, etc.


Thank you for any advice! 

iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Aperture 2