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Im about to upgrade my phone to the latest software (6.1) from version 5.1 on a new conputer that doesn't have any of my apps/songs. will they be removed if I upgrade using the new computer?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    No. iTunes will make an backup. Via iTunes or iCloud. After you update your iPhone to 6.1, the backup will be restored. So all data/music/photo's will be back.


    After update you have to let the iPhone sync with itunes.

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    If you want the upgrade to proceed smoothly and expeditiously, make sure to configure iTunes to do the backup onto local storage and forget the iCloud. The local backup is a full copy of all that's on the phone, while the iCloud backup contains (in Apple's words) "the most important components". That means the indices, thumbnails, etc., get left out and have to be recreated, draining your battery.