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I charge my iPad using a multi plug which lies on the floor. My fan and handphone and iPad charger are plugged into the multi plug. My iPad lies on my bed whilst charging and occasionally if my arms and legs touch it, I will get minor electric shocks. Is this normal? It really hurts

iPad 2, iOS 6.1
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    Electric shocks are definitely not normal. I would plug the charger/iPad into a different outlet, preferably by itself (and even on a different circuit) and see if it does the same. If it remedies the problem, the issue lies somewhere in the previous outlet and what is plugged into it.

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    Since the iPad charger is not grounded, it is quite normal for the iPad chassis to float up to half your line voltage.  But because it is current-limited far below harmful levels it will not harm you.  For the type of AC/DC charger the iPad uses, this is normal.

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    As a clarification, since the charger is not polarized (at least not in the US) the AC voltage on the dock connector shell varies depending on how you plug the adapter in, roughly half the line voltage one way and roughly 25% the other way.  Due to the higher output for iPads, the charger design may not be a switch mode type as for the iPhone, which could explain why an iPhone charger does not do this.

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    I have this problem too. I just got a wicked shock when I picked up my iPad whole it was charging. What the **** is wrong ?