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I have just updated from ios 6.0.1 to 6.1 hoping apple have been listening to people, but no. STILL says "incorrect password" so cannot connect to Wi-fi, only connects when i disable the password, but that is unacceptable, SORT THIS OUT APPLE !!!!!!!!!!!  I have tried all the resets listed on these forums none of them work, this is a big problem apple, at least let us know you are trying to rectify this, rather than just leaving us all hopping mad.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.1
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    what encryption type ?


    because the encryption type called WEP always been pretty buggy on ios devices

    also it's hardly an encryption at all people can break the encryption in 40sec


    but if it's wpa eas or wpa2  then thats a nother matter


    a lot of people also have success with updating the firmware of their wifi routers


    I had iphone4, ipad2, ipod touch 3th g, ipod  touch 1th g

    used both a linksys and apple airport extreme over the years

    always using wpa1 eas and later wpa2 eas

    and I never had problems with passwords


    many of the wifi problems repported with the new ios6.x versions are very the newest devices such as 4s 5 and the new ipads not with older models

    so maybe your issue is something else

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    thanks, its wpa (tkip) ? i think. my brothers iphone 4 works fine, it isnt just our router ,my dad tried it at his work and i have tried at several cafes it says "incorrect password" to all, when we know they are correct, but will connect when passwords are removed.