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Many of my contacts work, or live at the same place, as other contacts.   How do I know which one is calling?  My iPhone 4S (iOS 6.1) caller ID will display "John Smith and 4 others".  I thought, if I put a contact called "Smith Residence", it would display that instead of John Smith and 4 others. That didn't work.


Then I tried linking the contacts to the "Smith Residence" listing, but that didn't work.


Then I thought I'll delete the people and reenter them, leaving only "Smith Residence" . That didn't work.


It doesn't seem to be the order that the contacts were entered, which decides the contact to display. It doesn't seem to be the one that others are linked to that displays. So, what is it that decides which contact displays when I get a call from a particular phone number,  if that # is common to many contacts?


How can I choose which of my contacts will display?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1