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ios 6 not compatible for ipad 1?, ios 6 not compatible for ipad 1?

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  • minifinz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree with you about the apps.  I have had 2 ipods (one still functional), an ipod touch (lost), a macbook air (2008 but still works like a dream), an ipad, a macbook pro (new), and now an ipad mini.  I was so excited to add some awesome apps to my ipad mini and was even more excited when i saw that they were going to automatically go to my ipad 1 as well (it was a note taking program and lets be honest, the bigger screen would have been better for taking notes) but then i come to discover that the app requires ios 6 to work and mine will only go as high as 5.1.1.  While yes, currently most of my apps work, soon they will not, and i will have an otherwise perfectly functional (still beautiful) ipad that i cant do anything with. 


    I would really hope that apple reconsideres this.  I would even pay for the upgrade at this point, just so that i dont feel like my previous $600+ were spent in vain.  Make it like the other software upgrades I'll pay the $20 to go from lion to mountain lion, so why wouldnt I pay to allow myself to have other upgrades.  That being said, I'm not willing to shell out 20 every time they go from 5.1.1 to 5.1.2.....but maybe from 5 to 6 or 6 to 7.....

  • Yodadragon Calculating status...

    Oh my you are condesending and not getting it at all I think.  What people are saying is that we love the progrssion forward with new hardware and software and developments to keep apple at the top of the food chain.  These are all things we love and would not change.  The issue comes in supporting a product that is simply a few years old and essentially making all Apple products disposable.  Dont stop creating new and making advances but oh my god support the products you have created for a desent amout of time or buy them back to put people in new ones.  The options are unlimited for a company that usnt being greedy.  In the end customer loyalty will drive the market an I think Apple has done the consumer wrong here.  Yes all things expires cars vcr etc but my vcr doesnt run on ever changing software and apps nor does my car and it comes with a better service warrenty then Apple is providing.  Never said to support the product forever but support it for longer then this.  Plus maybe be honest from the start about how long you will support a product and full disclosure will allow people to make an informed decission and leave no room for complaint as we would have known all along.  Its really that simple support what you created for a decent amout of time and open and honest about the timing from the start.

  • Phillipwj Calculating status...

    This discussion is just nuts, going round and round.

    The case is simple. Apple has sold us all what was touted as THE next big thing. We bought it and now just over 2.5 years later its no longer supported because they added a camera, then a retina display - gee whiz Apple, you must think we are nuts.

    That is NOT acceptable because:

    1) Its an expensive piece of kit and deserves something a little longer in terms of support, unless you want customers to eye you with distrust and assume your iPads are throwaway disposables.

    2) It could still easily be supported with a different strand of iOS software support in the same way you have for the main OSX versions. No please dont quote how many years, I DONT care.

    3) MOST IMPORTANTLY: There is as yet NO ACCEPTABLE WAY to properly manage the interaction of iTunes and iOS devices which are in Apple's view 'out of date'. You have no way of knowing which is the final working version of an app for your device, no way of keeping them in a properly asset managed way (like you would with your old boxed software) and no way to go back and redownload them. ie your investment in Apps is steadily being eroded away as iTunes automatically updates them all to versions which your iOS device cannot actually use! Then one fine day, your iOS backup goes up in smoke and you cant even re-download all those old apps that work on your device.

    WOW this iCloud business model is amazing isnt it? Automated obsolescence without you even knowing it, well, until its too late!

    If anybody now quotes Time Machine as an acceptable way of asset managing these old apps, they need their head checking out. Sorry, but really!?!

  • sabrams Calculating status...

    Put yourself in Apple's shoes for a minute. Innovation at Apple died with Steve Jobs, and there's nothing the company can do to change that. As a result, the corporation is increasingly desperate to define new sources of revenue, at a time when stock prices and company valuation are plunging. In the grand scheme of things, Android phones are kicking Apple's collective *** - and there's every reason to believe the trend will continue. As Apple's core demographic continues to age, it's no longer "cool" to carry an iPhone or iPad, unless you're over 50. Google knows it. Amazon knows it. Samsung knows it. Everyone knows it. Just wander around any college in the country, and count the number of people carrying Android smartphones as opposed to iPhones. In addition, 2013 will be the year that Android tablets surpass iPad sales.

    Apple is doing everything a desperate company does, to try to maintain profits at the expense of its customer base. Excessive fees, planned obsolescence, exorbitant prices - and that works, for a while. But most people eventually realize they can buy cheaper, better technology elsewhere, at half the price.

    What we are witnessing, is the end of an era. All of us, including the good folks who work at Apple, can see they've become a company of followers. And don't kid yourself - Steve Jobs knew exactly what he was doing when he hand-picked Tim Cook to succeed him. What better way to cement his own legacy as the sole reason for Apple's success?     

    So, let's have a little sympathy for our good friends at Apple. It can't be easy watching an empire erode and crumble around you.

  • Phillipwj Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, I cant disagree with that.

    $100bn+ cash mountain and still happy to ignore your loyal customers. I dont even expect the latest iOS. I just DO expect to not have my paid-up apps eroded away with no suitable software management system.

    I guess I used to be a fanboy, but im beginning to watch those Android tablets and phones more closely now, as im a little bit tired of running on this mouse wheel of tiny incremental updates and constant obsolescence.

  • melgish Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just a bit of fuel for the fire. 


    I bought my iPad in late July 2010 from Best Buy with 24 months free financing.  Apple discontinued the product in March 2011. So it was discontinued roughly speaking about a year before it was paid for.


    Now here's the rub. For anyone that got theirs in February 2011 under the same terms, it's not just discontinued but completely unsupported before it is even paid for.

  • free1000 Calculating status...

    I can understand why people may be disappointed. But the iPad 1 was a, er..., version 1.0 product.


    People buying it had something before most people had one. That is part of the value/cost with version 1.0. Everyone (I thought) understood that Version 1.0 will not have the same lifespan as version 3.0 or 4.0 because the speed of innovation is faster at the beginning of a product cycle.


    So some of that $499 in value was the ability to show it to your mates who didn't have one yet.


    As for the idea that Android tablets might offer a better total lifespan viz. support, thats completely laughable. Android is now getting to where iOS was with version 1.0.  Android still has a lot of catching up to do, and I'm willing to bet that people buying Android tablets today will be upgrading in 2 years time as well.


    There does need to be a way to manage older apps on the iPad, maybe there is already but it may not be completely convenient.


    Who knows, some cunning person may find out how to run Android on these old iPad 1.0's.  Now that might a fire under Apple's belly.


    I'm an app developer and this issue gives me cause to be concerned because I don't want to screw my own customers, but I do want to take advantage of features in iOS6.  It may mean that my current version goes no further, but I develop a new version to take advantage of the new features and customers have to pay again for these new features.


    Whatever I do, customers will moan. If I cut off support for iOS5 I'll annoy all those with old iPads. If I charge for a new iOS6 + version with the new bells and whistles, customers who have to pay a new app will moan, but I think the latter is more acceptable as people who don't need the new features don't have to pay.


    The only unacceptable option is to not move forward. Unless Apple, and we developers, continue to improve our products and take full advantage of new hardware capabilities and operating systems, we'll soon be consigned to the scrap heap of history anyway. You can't please all of the people all of the time, but it's better to please the 99% you can than let your customer base erode through lack of innovation.

  • Djayed Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    1. I spent over $1000 on mine with the insurance (64GB 3G) at Best Buy.

    2. I didnt purchase this to "Show off to my mates", I work from home and rarley go out....


    This is constructive thought to bring to the discussion though:


    I'm an app developer and this issue gives me cause to be concerned because I don't want to screw my own customers, but I do want to take advantage of features in iOS6.  It may mean that my current version goes no further, but I develop a new version to take advantage of the new features and customers have to pay again for these new features.


    I have a laptop that is a decade old that still works (I have a new laptop and dont use it but I can plug it in and go right now). My Xbox is 6 years old and still works like new, plus has some crazy software updates on the old hardware.


    Again, this is just planned obsolescence....

  • free1000 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, I was being a bit naughty in the way I stated my points,  but there is a reality with an early adopter product that it won't have the lifespan of a mature product category.


    Laptops have had many years to technically mature and have more than enough processing power, memory etc. Whereas the entire supply chain had to be created from virtually nothing for iPad 1.  Even so, I find that a four year old laptop is no joy to use, it seems to limp along,  I cycle my laptops a max of every three years.  When I had a PC I used to do a motherboard upgrade at least every three years.


    This isn't so much planned obsolesence as the inevitable obsolescence of a very early example of a new product category.


    I have my 64Gb iPad 1 with Wifi sitting here (cost more than $1000 in the UK),  still running all the apps as far as I can see. I think it will be three years old this May.  At that time, I think it will still be running most apps.  Many developers will continue supporting 5.x for a while I expect. But at some point their own business will suffer if they don't move forward, just as Apple's would if they didn't innovate.


    The only reason I still have the iPad 1's is for testing apps on older platforms. If I was a user I'd expect a product life of 3 years or so and would plan accordingly,  selling into the second hand market after 18-24 months and upgrading. It's probably the best option when the technology is moving as fast as this.

  • Phillipwj Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well Im not sure about the whole Class action argument, but I do hope developers are voicing concern to apple regarding the whole ecosystem of different version apps vs iOS version, and how to better handle people's devices and ensure they can properly keep software they'd purchased for each version device.


    Makes sense for the customer, for the developers and for apple.

  • Wandelmaier Calculating status...

    I know it's been said many times here already, but I'm personally disgusted with Apple for this.


    How can I buy any new Apple product now with confidence if I'm worried that in less than 2 years it won't be supported by the latest software.


    The hardware is designed to last, and the price of the device means that any individual or business should expect more than two years use and support for it.


    It's criminally wasteful to force the obsolesence of millions of brand new devices.

  • BookGuide Calculating status...

    OK, this has been hashed out over and over. Here's all I have to add:


    1. I can no longer use these apps on my iPad 1: Netflix, New York TImes, The Weather Channel, CNN, LinkedIn(which IS a bummer!), Facebook (old hat anyway), eBay, Dropbox. I'm assuming that's because of it's age.


    2. I CAN still surf the internet, get and send email, and use Notes and Notes Plus (which I paid for), and about 30 other apps which are still supported. My Photos are ok, my Contacts still update overall my devices, as does my Calendar too. And I'm assuming I can exchange DropBox for iCloud, although I haven't tried that yet.


    3. While I'm sad about this iPad's state of affairs, (since I've been trying to update these apps for days, with no luck, and no explanation was offered until I found this support thread - Thanks, by the way!) - I'm still able to use my iPad for the things I value most. It's not dead, just gradually losing abilities (like us arthritic "old" guys referred to earlier.)  It does great slide shows of photos, and I'm sure it will continue to be useable even though more apps "die." I am old enough to remember the first Macs and the frustration with each "update" that made the old guys obsolete. I remember a MacWorld article about ways you could still use your "old" Mac. BUT, I don't believe Apple is dying as a company, and I DO believe that (frustrating as it is) sometimes old technology has to be thrown out in order to offer newer and yes, better services and applications.


    I've already purchased an iPad mini, and consider it so superior to the iPad (for all but viewing videos & movies - old as I am I like that large screen). I sincerely feel for those of you who don't have as quick access to the newer Apple technology; and I don't see why the original iPad couldn't "hold on" to the old applications, and just not allow an upgrade that won't work, so the old apps would still be usable. Perhaps, if upgrades address security problems, they are essential...? But we cannot stop progress, even if it frustrates us at times. Apple is progressing, updating and improving their products all the time. That's what keeps them alive and healthy. I've heard the song before, every time Apple threw something out - the iMac, the eMac, the  "classic", System 10, non-Intel Macs, etc. But they still offer good products, and I'm going to continue to evaluate them, and purchase when I feel they'll do a good job for me. If you're complaining purely about the "change" then you're showing your age - like me :-)

  • nyflme Calculating status...

    The first iPad was released in April 2010, 2-1/2 years before Apple ceased to support it with ios6.

    The iPad 2 was released in Mar 2011; meaning that Apple was selling iPad 1's only 1-1/2 years before it ceased to support it with ios6.


    To those who think that 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 years is an adequate lifecycle for a $400 - $700 product, when did you drink the Kool-Aid? You are the reason Apple thinks they can get away with this.


    I won't be buying another Apple product again. From what I read here, I'm not alone.

  • free1000 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple hasn't stopped support for the iPad 1 or iOS5.x, they just haven't provided an upgrade to iOS 6 for it. There's a distinction there.  In theory Apple could provide an iOS 5.x upgrade at some point in the future if there was a good reason to do so, eg: fixing a security hole.


    Now that I've been developing with iOS6 for a couple of weeks I can tell you that there are sound technical reasons for not providing the upgrade for iPad1. The iPad 1, in my view, does not have sufficient power to run all iOS 6 applications.


    I think it's important to note that the main problem with an iPad 1 (and I'm continuing to have no problem using both of my iPad 1's even though one is still running iOS 4.3) is that not all developers can support iOS 5 with all their apps upgrades.


    The issue is app support not the fact that iPad 1's now are no longer working.  My own iPad 1's are as good at doing what I need nearly three years after I bought them. I use them for music, web surfing, email, etc. etc. and yes, many apps.

  • Ximinez Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    If the processing power of the iPad is indeed as many people argue not sufficient to run iOS6 in a user friendly manner. Then why bother supporting the even less powerfull iPhone 3GS. I personally don't buy the "power" argument.

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