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I'd like to precisely control what photos are on my Photostream. I know how to add photos manually (I'm doing so in Aperture 3). I'd like to KEEP photos older than 30 days. Can I turn the 30 day limit OFF?  


Is that possible?


I'm trying to find a work-around from the MobileMe era: I used to stream photo albums on MobileMe to my Apple TV, which I could then show on my TV set - it was a great way have a slideshow. Now, the Photostream leaves little ability to modify, and I'm trying to come up with another way to achieve the slideshows.


I'm not interested in the auto-load-to Photostream from my iPhone or iPad. I have tried using third party solutions, such as AirParrot to get my MBP to my AppleTV and big screen TV. BUT, my mid-2009 MBP has the NVIDIA driver that conflicts with any third party driver, causing a host of drag 'n drop and screensaver issues. And Apple has remained silent in addressing the issue, which is an Apple-NVIDIA problem.


Grateful for any help ~



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