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I'm in another country and didn't use my iphone for a few months.  When I decided to turn it on, I realized I had forgotten the password.  I know there are ways to restore the phone to factory settings, and then restore it with your backup info from iTunes.  The problem is, I didn't orignally have a computer when travelling, so even though I have access to iTunes now, it does not contain any of my backup info.  That is, I just downloaded iTunes yesterday and it's useless to me cause it won't even access the phone without having succesfully entering the password.  So.....it seems my only option is to restore to factory settings.  But that will erase all the data and make the phone as if I had just bought it from a store; no phone number, nothing. It will be just as useless to me then as well.  And, there are no AT&T stores out here. I do have a computer at home (in another country) with the iTunes backed up, but that's neither here nor there.  I do have some stuff backed up on iCloud, but I'm not sure if that will help me access the phone or at the very least, allow me to make calls (I'm still paying for my phone service in the States).  I think I'm **** out of luck.  But if anybody can crack this case, please let me know.  It's an iPhone 3GS, if that makes a difference. 

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5