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Hello all.


I have a 30GB 5G classic here that basically doesn't want to start. 


I've booted the thing into diagnostic mode and ran it thru the autotest.  It suceeds up to the firewire test because I don't have one. So I went back and ran them manually.  I've got some weirdness when I try to run diagnostics for the hard drive.


The diagnostics I'm using are SRV Sep 09 2006.  When I choose IO > Harddrive there are two options:


1) HDSpecs



If I choose option 2 I get: SMART not supported.


If I choose option 1 I get:



Total LBA:


Total Size: 103 GB

Temp Current 216009952c

Min: 216009952c Max:216009952c


Is this likely a harddrive issue, a logic board issue or something else?  I have tried swapping out the drive with a replacement and the issue persists.



iPod classic
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    I should add that this is a 30GB model and that the iPod freezes when I access the HD Info screen.




    Running the Memory > SDRAM > SDRAMFullTest test yields:


    Please wait...


    RUN:           BL on

    PASS:         BL blink

    FAIL:           BL off


    Reset to continue.




    Running the Flash test yields:


    Checksum = 0x665c




    SysCfg Setup yields:









    MENU to Exit