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Hello everyone.

I have alot of apple products.

but having a slight issue with connecting a new Airport express


Through my cable modem, i connect into a Airport Basestation/Time Capsul for the wireless network in my house, but i recently have been noticing dead spots.

through the basestation i have a 16port switch hardwiring most rooms in my house.
I have a few airport express's connected to remote speakers which work fine. However when attempting to connect the new airport express through an ethernet cable to extend the range of the wireless network. It cuts off the connection to the internet and no computers can access the internet. Computers that are hardwired through ethernet cable have access to the network. but not the internet. and all wireless connectivity stops. Even though there are wireless signal detected. But while attempting to connect to them through macbook air, or iphones or ipads. connection usualy times out or fails.

As soon as i unplug the new airport express. Everything goes back to normal.


Any Suggestions would be much appreciated.


Thank You

iPhone 4S, iOS 6, Downgrade