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I know in iTunes 11 I can select a smart playlist and then holdthe option key and click the "shuffle" button. That way all the songs in the playlist but not the playlist itself will get added to Up Next. The advantage here is that if a song gets removed from the smart playlist while playing (for example if its a smart playlist based on stars and you change the rating) the playback won't stop.


This is a great feature and a good replacement for iTunes DJ.


But I can't find that feature in the Remote app. I can select a smart playlist and can select "shuffle" but there is no way to choose "option" shuffle. So now the playlist gets shuffled and added but when I change the rating of a song the playback completly stops.


There is probably no solution to this - but I thought maybe the community has some ideas... Or at least share my sorrows... :)

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    I share your sorrow here. I too, am finding things to like about iTunes 11 but still feel it is incomplete. That goes for the Remote app as well. That being said, its recent update to 3.0.1 did fix rating feature from iPhones and Touches. Additionally it fixed an underlying bigger bug with the next/previous track navigation of an AirPlayed iTunes library.


    My only suggestion for you is to consisely discribe the function you feel is missing to the feedback chanel. Unfortunately, there is no direct feedback chanel for this particular iOS application. I've been using the AppleTV chanel as the method of reporting.


    They do listen, they just don't talk. i've come to accept that the walled garden has greenhouse in the middle that is made of oneway mirrors.


    Keep digging and posting. I was glad to learn of your trick here.

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    Thanks Ben,


    I will give feedback to Apple about this. This is what I usualy do and sometimes things get actually fixed. I know Apple cares about their customers and they always read the feedback entries.


    Thanks for your comments  - I really appreciate it!