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Hey, I'm back again with a new dilema! Still rocking my new (to me of course) quad G5, with it's stock GeForce 6600.


I'm thinking of getting into some serious modeling with Maya 2008, and I wanted to know what graphics card would help the best with rendering *in Maya only*.


Ive really only narrowed it down to a Radeon X1900, 7800 GTX, or Quadro FX 4500. As far as I can tell via my Googling, you can flash a 7800 GTX to a 4500 and vice versa with the correct ROMs?


Anyway, I play a ton of games on my Macs, so I need something that won't be terrible at high end games like Quake4/Doom3/Halo, yet still be able to be used for hardware rendering in Maya 2008.


I found a few different articles that sort of talked about it in Maya 7, though I dont know if the same applies to Maya 2008:






"" NOTE: The Quadro FX 4500 has been tested and qualified with CG enabled in Maya 7.0. The use of CG is not on by default and must be turned on using environment variables added to the Maya.env file. This file exists in your HOME/Library/Preferences/Alias/maya/7.0 directory. The environment variables are as follows:



When we defined those variables, our Quad-Core with FX 4500 not only completed "production quality" HW renders as much as 216% faster, but the final product looked better.

And there's more! We discovered that the GeForce 7800 GT supports CGfx, too, though not "qualified" by Alias/AutoDesk. We "qualified" it and can assure you it does HW renders just as fast as the Quadro!""



Does anyone have an opinion on this? Would it be best to just get the 7800 GTX and flash it to a FX 4500 when needed in Maya, or can I still use it as a true 7800 GTX and have Maya enable the advanced rendering like it would on the Quadro as the article about Maya 7 said you can with the 7800 GT?


Help please! Thanks guys!

PowerMac G5 (Late 2005), Mac OS X (10.5.8), Quad 2.5GHz, 6GB, GeForce 6600
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    I'd go for the 7800 GTX as it is better than the GT and the 4500 in all other aspects of performance computing.

    As for Maya certification, that applies to any 7800 series GPU. So, If if the 7800 GT is fine, one should be able to safely assume the GTX is the same.

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    I can find a few 7800 GTX 512MB editions on eBay for $150, but quite a lot of the 256mb versions for around $30. Would there be a huge difference in performance between the two? I've heard the 256mb editions have funny flashing problems or something like that...

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    Don't waste your time with the 256 MB card if you have any desire to use it in Leopard. They just don't work right.

    Stick with the 512 MB cards.

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    I found a quadro fx 4500 512mb for $50 instead of the 512 GTX for $150. Can I flash the quadro to a GTX? They seem to have very close specs...

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    Quadros need to be fashed with Quadro ROM. The Geforce 7800 GTX is a modified Quadro ROM, modified to meet the spec differences between the two cards.

    Using the 7800 GTX mod ROM in the FX 4500 isn't what you want to do.


    Just flash the Quadro to a Mac Quadro and you should have a heckuva card for cheap!