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I am just wondering if it is common to be played out by Apple?


1. I made an order online, keyed in a different shipping address but after payment made it reflected as billing address.

          - Let's take this as me accidentally clicked on a wrong button that revert back the shipping address to billing address (which is highly unlikely).


2. I called Singapore Apple Store and they confirmed the delivery on 8th Feb 2013 between 12pm to 5pm (which I had indicated it) to my billing address. 5.35pm I made a called and enquire politely as I have waited 5 hours with no news. An operator re-affirmed that the order is in the process of delivery and mentioned that their courier company will contact me awhile later after they checked where is the location of the delivery currently.


3. At 8pm, there were no news nor call nor sms nor emails to notify and update me. 8 Bloody hours of waiting. I called back but all the offices and all available contacts are all closed. I managed to checked out the shipping company contact and it was closed. The time now is 8.36pm.



I am seriously doubting the kind of service that I am receiveing after the payment made. Is this a norm or am I the only unlucky one?


This order was supposed to be my younger brother's birthday's present today on 8th Feb 2013. Yes, Apple has ruined it. Thank you.




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    This sounds like an issue with the shipping company to me, not Apple's fault, so you'll have to talk to the shipping company. There's no way to know what the problem might have been. Perhaps the company tried to deliver but there was not one there to receive the package. Or perhaps they're just behind. The only way to know is to call the shipping company.


    It's always risky, no matter who you are buying from, to order and count on a delivery being made on a specific day. There are too many things that can go wrong and very few companies can guarantee delivery.