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Hi, my name is Lorrie I have charges on my credtit card of purchases I have not made the following are transactions that I have been charged for:

5th of February $109.99

4th of February $2.99

1st of febraury $4.98

29th of february $10.98

29th of February $0.99


Total of $129.93


Could you kindly look into it for me as I have not authorise any payments is there something I can do as my 5yr old plays games and I believe that once he is in the game you do not need to put in a pass word to authorise apple I need to do something about it can you please guide me as to how to lock this featureI can not afford theses payments and this account has the money that needs to be paying my bills please?



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    Please be advised that you are not talking to Apple.  These forums are made up of regular users just like you, most are not affiliated with Apple in any way.  If you did not authorize those charges and think they are fraud, you need to file a dispute cliam with your credit card company.  Also I am confused as the last 2 dates are in the future (did you mean January?)  Are the games on an iPhone, iPad or on your mac?