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1. My MB Pro Retina is only 1 month old. It gets extremely warm

2. I hear glitches in the speakers when playing music in itunes.

3. why did I pay $3000+ for a this crap that has so many defects?

MacBook Pro with Retina display
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    Well you missed the 14 day return from the purchase date deadline.  Your only recourse now is to call Apple Care, get a case number and report your issues to them.   Don't waste your $3000+ by letting your warranty run out before you use it!













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    thanks for your reply... i took my computer to the genuius bar.... who, apparently they have trained to tell lies... and when i left, nothing they said made any sense.


    they said the glitches are because, "there are so many graphics on the screen, sometimes it takes a while longer for the connection to re write ll the animations on these websites to flight"


    lie #2: i tunes has sound cliches because too many programs are open..." WTH? I only have the internet and maybe the mail server open. smh


    lie#3- Apple Care.


    my iphone slipped out of my hand and shattered... they won't replace it... why the **** would they make a phone out of GLASS??? Because no one ever drops a wine glass, or breaks glass???? then what about the exposed silicon dioxide that can get lodged into your skin??? SMDH

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    Lie#3 - Is not a lie.  Apple Care does not pay for accidental damages.  Read your warranty.  However, if you purchased the phone with a credit card, discuss the warranty issue with the credit card company which you purchased the phone with.   They are the only ones who can at this point cover the phone after it goes out of warranty and/or warranty was voided with the manufacturer (Apple).


    If you have Homeowners insurance, place a claim with them.


    Regarding your computer.  If you do not want to get your expensive computer fixed for free through your warranty, then the repairs will be on you!