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I have just bought an iMac and have Final Cut Pro on. I am a retired editor and I know that you have to set up scratch disks and tell FCP where to put the media.

I have 2x1TB drives.


1. I cannot find anything which allows me to set up scratch disks

2. The computer is looking at the drives ok. But when I go into capture mode it with only let me assign the media to mac hdd which I do not wish to do.


Any thoughts please

Cheers Graham

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    It's not like the legacy FCPro versions.

    When you capture something you should be given the choice where to save the Event/s.

    You shouod see all the options including attached discs.

    Make sure stuff gets saved to the TOP level of the drive rather than folders you create.



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    Hello Graham,


    The folder that is created for the EVENT houses all the scratch data. This is  where it is tremendously easier to transport your Projects (with the Events i.e. media containers) to other computers etc. So, in a nutshell, you don't need to set the apps scratch disk folders, you should make sure you have lots of space on your media disk. This is also good, backups and mirrors are a snap.



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    If you can't see your external drives as an option on the import screen, check to see if they are formatted as Mac OS Extended (journaled). Many drives come preformatted as FAT32 for Windows. You can reformat your drives in Disk Utility if necessary.